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Signs That Your Generator Is in Need of Repair


Whole-house generators save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year, as the cost of a power outage could be quite high. Think about all of the food you’d throw away if your refrigerator was out of commission for several hours. Consider the potential hotel bills as well, not to mention what could happen if a pipe were to burst and your sump pump wasn’t running to prevent a flood. Long ago, only hospitals and large industrial settings had generators as a source of backup power, but today generators are available for use in homes of all sizes.

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Generators run on natural gas or propane, and they’re built tough to withstand a lot of usage. However, it’s always possible that a generator can develop problems as time goes on. With regular maintenance from a trained electrician, repair needs should be few and far between. However, you should look out for the following signs that your generator is struggling.

  • Visual Damage on the Outside of the Unit – One of the easiest ways to know to call for generator repair is if you notice any visual signs such as dents and cracks, frayed wires, or any other obvious glitches. Check out your system from time to time, especially after any bouts of severe weather. Call a technician, no matter how small the outward damage may appear, as the damage on the inside could be serious.
  • Trouble Starting Up – Another way to tell that your generator is in trouble is if it doesn’t seem to be starting up as quickly as it once did or if it’s struggling to run. Once a generator has been around for a while, standard wear and tear on the engine or the battery should be expected.
  • Weekly Self-Test Alert – Many modern generators actually perform weekly self-tests that alert you to any trouble. If yours does not carry this feature, you may want to read the manufacturer’s guide to find out how to run a system test on your own or ask your technician for advice.

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