Signs of Trouble with Your Fireplace

Signs of Trouble with Your Fireplace

We’ve already seen our share of chilly days here in the Northeast, which means that — if your home has a fireplace — you’ve likely had cause to use it at least once or twice. The fall makes an ideal time to check your fireplace for signs of trouble, and if an issue arises, you can summon a repair service before the temperature drops too low.

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That will help your fireplace work as efficiently as it can later in the winter, and can often lower the cost of repairs since sooner is always preferable to later when it comes to correcting a long-standing problem. Here’s a quick list of signs of trouble with your fireplace, which you should watch for when planning to build a fire this fall.

  • Damaged Masonry. Missing bricks or similar types of damage to the chimney outside your home need to be inspected and corrected before you build a fire. The damage could be extensive, constituting a fire threat to your home.
  • Strange Smells. Mold, animal nests, and other obstructions can create odd smells coming from your chimney. If you notice them, call in an inspector to see if your chimney needs cleaning.
  • Creosote Build-Up. Creosote is a waxy substance that can build up on the side of your chimney, creating a fire hazard and restricting the flow of air through the chimney. If your fireplace hasn’t been cleaned in a few years, you might want to schedule a session before the weather gets too cold.
  • Water. Water should not leak through the flue or in any other part of your fireplace. If you notice puddles of water in your fireplace or suspect that your chimney cap may be damaged, call in a trained technician before the water can cause any more damage.

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