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Signs It’s Time to Have Your Electrical Panel Upgraded


Your home won’t operate as needed without the right amount of power, and this power comes from your electrical box. Today’s appliances and electronics need a bigger energy load than ever before, which means that if your home is older, the electrical panel may not fully support all of your electrical needs. But you don’t need to worry: the electrical experts at Design Air, Inc., can make sure your electrical panel in Suffern, NY, provides all of the electricity you need with a panel upgrade.

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How Do I Know I Need an Upgrade?

Here are some common signs that your home could benefit from a panel upgrade:

  • Your box’s amperage is inadequate – homes today typically have electrical boxes that are 200 amps in size. If yours is smaller than this, it’s time to consider an upgrade.
  • You have expanded your home or you are remodeling a key room in your house – whenever you expand your home, it’s important to make sure you have the power necessary for it to function. When it comes to remodels, many homeowners usually expand the appliances, or upgrade them, and as a result need more electricity to accommodate these changes.
  • You have fuses – fuses aren’t just old-school; they can be dangerous and even prevent you from getting home insurance coverage. Fuses simply cannot hold up to today’s electrical demands, so if you have a fuse box, it’s important to upgrade to an ample electrical box as soon as possible.
  • Circuit breakers keep tripping – do you have multiple circuit breakers tripping regularly? If so, this is usually an indication that the electrical draw in your home is overwhelming your box. Situations like this should be looked at immediately by a trained electrician.

If these signs are ringing true for you, call our experts today and schedule an appointment for an electrical panel upgrade.