Why Routine AC Maintenance Matters

Why Routine AC Maintenance Matters

When was the last time that your AC was checked for airflow or refrigerant charge? How often do you have your air filter changed?

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Whether your AC is brand new or it’s 10 years old, it needs routine maintenance. It’s just that simple. There are multiple reasons for this, but it’s often easy to overlook when you’ve got a number of other homeowner issues to deal with.

Read on to understand why routine AC maintenance matters so much to your comfort.

If You Want Your AC to Last

The best way to get started on the path to home comfort is by hiring a professional contractor to design and install your air conditioner. Whatever type of system you choose, the quality of its installation is the single most important determining factor. During this time, we make sure that your system’s size matches your home’s cooling requirements. Neither too small or too big will do; it has to be just right.

But if you want that system to last, it has to be regularly tuned up and cleaned, just like your car, and other parts of your home. Protect your investment with routine care. You’ll save money in the long term!

If You Want Your AC to Be Efficient

Energy efficiency has become much more important in the last 25 years than ever before. The bottom line is this: the greater the energy efficiency of your home, the more money you save. If you have an AC with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, then you stand to save even more.

But even the most highly rated system will falter and fail to produce results if it is not regularly cleaned and taken care of. Because the system’s components are sensitive, they require professional training and skill to handle. If you notice that your energy bills have risen since last year or spiked suddenly, it’s time to get your AC checked out.

If You Want Your Family to Be Comfortable

Let’s save the most important factor for last. The only reason why we have HVAC systems in the first place is to ensure that the indoor climate within our homes is comfortable: that we’re not uncomfortable sleeping during hot summer nights, there is adequate ventilation, and that the various rooms of the home are cooled evenly.

Routine air conditioning service makes sure that your system is ready to go when you need it most. At this time, a trained pro will not only tune your system up but will also check for potential damage and alert you to potential repair needs that may be headed your way.

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