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Rockland County, NY HVAC Installation Tip: Scheduling a Load Calculation


Now is a great time for HVAC installation in new home construction and addition projects, as well as replacing existing systems. But the most important step before proceeding with installing a new heating or cooling system, is scheduling a load calculation. A professional HVAC contractor will be able to size up your home and match it to the appropriate system. Calculating your energy requirements is a necessary first step in the implementation of your new air conditioner, heat pump, or heater. Only a professional assessment will ensure that your system works effectively and efficiently. If your system is inappropriately matched, it can cause serious problems. Schedule a load calculation in Rockland County, NY with Design Air, Inc. today!

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A load calculation seeks to estimate the thermal potential of the house. While there are a variety of formulas and calculations, as well as factors and conditions to consider, a load calculation basically measures heat gain and heat loss. Heat gain is the amount of heat your system is capable of producing, while heat loss is the amount of heat your home will lose to the outside and how fast the temperature will correspondingly fluctuate.

Typically measured in British thermal units (BTUs), heat gain and loss depends upon the size, quality, and condition of your ductwork, basement, floors, windows, doors, roof, ventilation system, and walls, among others. The professional load calculation will also consider insulation, power source, as well as the topography and orientation of the home on the property, especially if you’re considering solar energy.

In determining the load calculation, your local HVAC contractor may also need to consider what’s called a “selectable load,” which seeks to account for the energy impact your home appliances use. This is especially important if you’re thinking about a renewable energy source. Knowing the wattage of each appliance or device in your home may be of use in this case.

Load calculation ensures that your new heating and AC system is appropriately matched to your home. If not done or not performed adequately, it can lead to a system that is too small or too large, resulting in high energy costs and poor performance. To schedule a load calculation in Rockland County, NY, call Design Air, Inc. today!