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Rockland County HVAC Guide: Benefits of Design-Build Services


As both designer and builder of your customized residential or commercial heating and cooling systems, Design Air is committed to bringing you comprehensive planning and installation services. We work with our clients in Rockland County and the surrounding areas to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Before starting to build your project, the HVAC design-build team determines your exact requirements for the project at hand, taking into account your budget, timeframe, heating and cooling volume, and auxiliary devices. We perform an energy audit and load calculation of your planned home so that your heating and cooling systems are appropriately-sized, maximizing their cost and energy-efficiency. Design-build services integrate the various systems in your home so that they work together successfully.

Load calculation is an important part of the design-build process. A comprehensive calculation can assist the homeowner and the design team in determining the necessary size of the heating and cooling system. By estimating fluctuations in energy usage, as well as considering the general efficiency of the living spaces, a load calculation can help ensure the successful operation of your system. Other factors include power sources, fuel utilization, insulation and the design and layout of the home. During load calculation home appliances are known as selectable loads, and estimating their usage helps you to make a decision about choosing to install a renewable “green” energy heating and cooling system, or to opt for a conventional system. Design Air offers accurate and reliable energy load calculations as part of their design-build services.

The design-build approach helps us guarantee customer satisfaction. Not only will your budget have fewer contractors to juggle, but you will also feel good knowing that your heating and cooling systems are in the hands of seasoned professionals. Call Design Air today to schedule an estimate for more information about our design-build services. Contact us for all your Rockland County design-build services.