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Risks You Take if You Don’t Schedule Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance


A maintenance visit from a professional to check on your home’s central air conditioner is something to schedule every year, preferably during the spring before the system takes on its heaviest workload. This isn’t a “suggestion” however: it’s something you need to have done if you want your air conditioning system to work its best for as long as it can. If you neglect to have annual maintenance, the consequences for your AC, and therefore your comfort and budget, will be high.

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Here are a few of the risks you’ll take if you neglect to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Suffern, NY this spring. Call Design Air Inc today and talk to our maintenance specialists about setting up an appointment to keep these problems from affecting your air conditioner:

Reduction of the system’s lifespan

Studies have shown that an air conditioner that goes without regular maintenance might only reach half its expected lifespan… and probably the low end of that spectrum.  Remember: no repair for an air conditioner costs more than needing to replace it.

Increases in repairs

Without maintenance to clean an air conditioner’s components and make the necessary adjustments and replacements, the system will start to work harder. This stress increases wear and tear and makes repairs a more frequent hassle: burning out motors, failing capacitors, debris-damaged fans, dirty coils. Your repair bills will continue to climb as long as the AC misses maintenance appointments, eventually leading to a costly breakdown.

Lowered energy-efficiency

Another result of an air conditioner with additional stress from lack of maintenance is that the system will drain more power in order to maintain its expected level of performance. You’ll see this reflected on your electrical bills: an AC costs 20% more to run on average if it goes for a year without an inspection and tune-up. The costs will mount the longer maintenance is neglected.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to arrange for regular air conditioning maintenance in Suffern, NY. If you sign up for one of the Maintenance and Service Agreements from Design Air Inc, we’ll take care of all the work and worry for you. Our agreements include your heating system as well. We offer tiered plans to fit with your budget. Call us today to get started.