Tips for Scheduling Rewiring Service

Tips for Scheduling Rewiring Service

Rewiring can be a complex operation, especially for older homes with older electrical systems that may require extensive rewiring. Rewiring services make a lot of sense during the fall, before the snows of winter come and the cold weather complicates any rewiring efforts. But you need to make sure you have the right services for the job. The company you call to handle such operations needs to be able to work swiftly and effectively and keep your confidence during a very important operation with your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when calling an electrician for a rewiring service.

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Know the Signs of Trouble

Before you can call in an electrician, you need to realize there’s a problem, which can be surprisingly difficult to realize. Smaller issues usually signal the problem, and you should be especially wary if the wiring in your home is more than 40 years old. Beyond that, keep a sharp eye out for the following signs of electrical trouble.

  • Tripped breakers or blown fuses take place on a regular basis. In particular, look for the same breaker to be tripped multiple times.
  • The smell of smoke or burning, indicating a component that is overheating.
  • Lights that flicker or blink on and off, which usually stem from a frayed wire, circuit overload or similar issue requiring an electrician’s attention.
  • Light bulbs burn out faster than they should. If you find yourself replacing bulbs on the same circuit again and again, there’s usually a problem.
  • Discolored sockets or outlets, especially those with signs of smoke.
  • Humming or buzzing sounds when you turn on the electrical power.
  • Electrical shocks or even sparks stemming from an electrical outlet.

The Company You Call

Once you suspect there’s a problem, you need to shut off power to any section of the electrical wiring that might be affected. That might mean shutting off power to the whole house. Frayed or damaged wiring is nothing to fool with: it can start a fire or worse if it continues to be used.

That, however, leaves your house without power, which needs correcting as swiftly as possible in order to restore some basic comforts to the home. Because of that, you should look for an electrician who offers emergency services and can arrive anytime, day or night, to address the problem. Otherwise, you might be stuck without power for a while, which can be more than inconvenient when the weather turns cold.

Beyond that, the company you call should have sterling recommendations, starting with happy customers who have reported the quality of their interaction with the company. That should also extend to affiliations with reputable institutions such as Angie’s List and local chambers of commerce. Most telling of all, look for NATE certification (North American Technician Excellence), representing a seal of approval from an organization dedicated to the objective evaluation of technicians of all sorts.

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