Replace Your Older Heater Now

Replace Your Older Heater Now

If you have an older heating system — regardless of whether it’s a centralized furnace, a boiler system, or radiant heating — then late fall and early winter is the right time to look for signs of serious trouble. Temperatures have been cold here in Mahwah, NJ for a while now, and chances are you’ve been running your heater on a regular basis. If problems arise, you need to decide whether you should keep the system running until spring, or if you should replace it with a new system.

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Why Now?

This is a good time to perform this examination because — while you’ve been running your heater regularly — winter has not yet begun. If you need to replace your system, doing so now will let you enjoy the benefits of a new system all winter, as well as eliminate the risk that your heater will break down.

What Kinds of Signs to Watch For

Generally speaking, there are three signs that can indicate your heater is ready to be replaced.

  • Age. All heaters have a warranty, denoting how many years you can expect reliable coverage. With proper care and maintenance, the heater can last for years beyond that, but once the warranty expires, you need to keep a careful eye out for signs of wear.
  • Repairs. As heaters get older, they’re going to experience breakdowns with greater frequency until you’re throwing good money after bad. Sometimes, it may only be one repair job, but the cost is high enough to make replacement a preferable alternative to repairs.
  • High Monthly Costs. Lower efficiency is unavoidable as the heater ages and the individual parts wear out. That translates to high monthly costs, which can break your budget if you allow it.

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