Repair or Replace? The Best Options for Your Air Conditioner

Repair or Replace? The Best Options for Your Air Conditioner

When problems arise with an older air conditioner, it can be hard to know whether you should simply repair it, or whether a replacement is in order. A good technician can run down your options with you and help you make the determination when trouble arises, but in the end, only the homeowner can decide when an old unit is worth fixing and when it’s time to replace it with a new one.

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Late spring and early summer are good times to make this kind of assessment. You’ve likely been running your air conditioner for a while now, which means you may have had a chance to deal with an issue (and assess the overall status of your AC in the process). That tendency is likely going to increase as the temperature continues to rise and another hot summer is upon us. If you encounter a significant issue with your air conditioner, ask yourself the following questions. They can help you determine if your air conditioner is worth repairing, or whether you should consider a new one.

Is the Warranty Still in Effect?

Most air conditioners come with a warranty, guaranteeing the components for a certain amount of time (typically 8 to 12 years). If you run into a problem and the warranty is still in effect, you should probably get it repaired instead of replaced. The cost of the parts will be covered, which means you’ll only have to pay for the repair technician’s labor to get it repaired. Even if the warranty has expired, repairs still may be the more cost-effective way to go. Once the warranty has expired, however, it’s time to start considering replacement as an option.

How Often Have You Had to Conduct Repairs?

The frequency of repairs factors into the decision to make a change in your air conditioner. If the warranty has expired and you have had to schedule more than two repair sessions in the last 12 months, that’s usually a sign that you need to replace the system. In some cases, it may only be one repair job, but the cost is large enough that it might be better spent investing in a new system instead of trying to prop up the old one. A technician can make recommendations on that front after diagnosing the issue, and go over payment plans to help you make the right choice.

Have Monthly Bills Gotten too High?

Sometimes, it’s not a specific repair call or a number of repair calls that trigger the need for a replacement, but the high cost of operating an older and less efficient unit. As air conditioners age, they require more and more energy to do the same job, since their components are likely worn and run down. You’ll see that reflected in the increasingly high cost of running the system every month. Eventually, it may get too high to continue, and a breakdown requiring repairs may be the final straw that leads you to replace the system.

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