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Reasons to Consider an Electric Fireplace Insert


Sometimes, a traditional wood-burning fireplace can turn into a white elephant: a luxury that has started to cost more for upkeep than it is worth. For a family that doesn’t often use their wood burning fireplace, an excellent option is to install a prefabricated electric fireplace insert. This way, the family can keep the attractive look of the fireplace (something too expensive and damaging to have removed) without the hassles of carrying and storing wood, cleaning out ash, or encounter dangers from gas logs.

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If you think that your home’s hearth will benefit from an electric fireplace insert, call up our professionals at Design Air Inc. We’ve specialized in the installation of fireplaces in New City, NY, from gas logs to wood pellet and freestanding stoves. We have a Master Hearth Professional on staff who can help answer all your questions about the best way to improve your current fireplace so you will receive the most use from it, and at the best price.

Why an Electric Fireplace Insert?

Electrical fireplaces are much more advanced today than they were 20 years ago. If you think of electric fireplaces as cheap affairs powered by light bulbs, you’ll be surprised at how attractive and effective the modern models are. They can create an inviting illusion of flames and contain and heater with a blower fan to generate a cozy warmth.

Here are some reasons you should consider an electric insert for your fireplace:

  • Safety: There is no safer type of fireplace on the market today than an electric insert. They create no exhaust (you don’t technically need a chimney!), won’t make sparks that can fly out of the hearth, and do not use natural gas that can create a carbon monoxide hazard.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to gas logs and keeping up a wood-burning fireplace (especially if you need to purchase logs because you don’t have ready access to a lumber source), electric inserts do not cost much to purchase and install.
  • Convenience: In addition to never needing to load logs or clear out ash from electrical fireplaces, they have few other maintenance needs. (Imagine: no more chimney sweeping!) The fireplace can turn on as easily as a flick of a light switch.
  • Energy savings: Current electrical fireplace inserts have enough power to heat up a room, so if you only need heat for a single space, you can use an electric fireplace and give your furnace or boiler a break for a while.

Although an electric fireplace cannot capture the same old-fashioned sensation of a wood-burning one, they still make a room cozy and atmospheric—and without the extra work, expense, and hazards of other types of fireplaces.

Contact Design Air Inc today and speak to our professionals experienced with installing fireplaces in New City, NY today. They will assist you with finding the perfect electric fireplace insert to make your home warm and inviting.