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Qualities of Ductless Split Air Conditioning


The principle advantage of a ductless mini split system is in its name: no need for air ducts to provide distribution of cooling. Instead of using a standard split system, with an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit hooked to a ventilation network, a ductless system has an outdoor unit and multiple small blower units indoors. Each of these blowers is mounted on the wall of a room and connected independently through to the outdoor unit.

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Aside from saving space because of the lack of ducts (which makes them ideal for new construction and older houses without room for standard ductwork), ductless mini splits have other qualities that make them worth your consideration for new installation of air conditioning in Spring Valley, NY. For high quality work on the top brand ductless systems, call Design Air Inc.

3 Important Qualities of Ductless Mini Splits

  • Heating as well as cooling: Ductless systems are properly called “ductless mini split heat pumps.” Although we’ve focused on air conditioning in this post (summer is coming up, after all), ductless systems are technically heat pumps, which means aside from superb air conditioning power, they also deliver heating. Their operation is not much different from standalone ACs; they can simply reverse the direction they move heat, and that means you’ll have comfort for the winter taken care of as well.
  • Zone control: The individual blowers have separate controls, so ductless systems permit a homeowner to cool down only the rooms that need it. A standard central AC must cool all the rooms of a house when turned on, but a ductless system doesn’t need to expend energy (or waste money) to condition a room that isn’t being used. Zone control also permits individuals to control the temperature in their location, changing conditions to match personal comfort levels.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Another benefit from the lack of ducts is an improvement in your home’s indoor air quality. Dust, dirt, pollen, dander, construction debris, and even less desirable contaminants gradually build up inside ducts until they require professional cleaning to prevent a plunge in air quality. Ductless systems avoid this altogether.

Make Sure You Have Professional Installation

An alarming number of air conditioning systems receive improper installation. Many repairs arise from these initial mistakes. For a ductless mini split heat pump to provide you all its wonderful benefits, it needs installation from qualified technicians.

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