Proper Wiring Is the Mark of a True Electrician

Proper Wiring Is the Mark of a True Electrician

It’s not an understatement that proper wiring is one of the most important parts of an electrician’s job. While we’re excited to work on anything from circuit breaker panels to surge protectors, none of those devices will be worth it if their wiring causes more harm than good.

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A Good Electrician Ensures Good Wiring

Proper wiring takes skill and experience. Some of the most common electrical fires happen because an unqualified person tries to do their own wiring. And when we say “wiring,” we don’t just mean stringing some wires together behind the wall. In order to perform proper wiring, your electrician will take many factors into consideration.

Tightening Connections

Tight electrical connections are necessary for a wiring job to be considered safe. Loose connections leave the system liable to arcing and overheating, and those are huge risks for fires or injury.

Keeping Wires Insulated

A lazy or inexperienced electrician will leave bits of wiring exposed, but this is a huge mistake. Leaving wires exposed bring a serious risk of injury or death to anyone who touches it, either on purpose or by accident. It also creates the risk of creating sparks, which can lead to fires. A good electrician will ensure that the wires he installs are properly insulated—as well as any exposed ones that he comes across.

Properly Sizing Wires

Do you know when to use bigger or smaller wires? Choosing the right size wires isn’t a guessing game; it all depends on how much current is running through them. For example, thicker wires can carry more electricity safer than smaller wires. If the wall or switch feel warm when the electricity is in use, there’s a good chance that the wires are too small.

Wire Placement and Design

Older homes use older electrical designs, and they’re also a major cause of electrical fires. A licensed and certified electrician is up to date with all the latest electrical codes and practices, ensuring that your wiring is properly done for this century and not the last one.

How to Find a Good Electrician

It sounds easier said than done, right? After all, they’re supposed to be the expert, so how would you know a good electrician in New City, NY from a bad one? While you might not be able to size up your electrician just based on his expertise, there are some definite indicators that can help you deduce whether you’re working with a pro or an amateur.

  • Testimonials and Reviews: Their webpage or Yelp page should have enough reviews to give you an overwhelmingly positive or negative impression of this electrician.
  • 24-Hour Service: While not all electricians are required to be available for 24-hour emergency services, it does show a level of commitment and understanding toward their customers.
  • Licensed and Insured: If you allow a handyman or DIYer from craigslist to come work on your home, guess what happens if they break something or get injured? Unfortunately, you will be the one who has to come up with compensation. A real electrician is going to have the necessary licenses and will be insured.

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