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Problems You May Experience with a Generator in Suffern


Are you concerned about your generator’s ability to perform well? The entire reason why you have a generator is to ensure that it can provide backup electrical energy when a storm hits and the grid fails, or when a power line goes down near your home. It’s an insurance policy against such mishaps, and it needs to be kept in good condition so that it works well in the event something goes wrong with your home.  Depending on its size and type, it can power more than just your lights, but also your electric appliances as well as your HVAC systems. But it requires routine maintenance in order to be a reliable source of electrical energy. Whether you have a manual or automatic standby model, make sure you have yours checked periodically. Call Design Air Inc. today if you have any of the following problems with your generator in Suffern.

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  • Generator won’t start: It can be a disconcerting feeling when your generator fails to start up. If yours won’t start, then there could be a number of different factors involved. For example, if you have an automatic standby generator, it needs to be properly integrated into the service line that connects to your main electrical panel so that it can detect when the utility service drops out. But this will not work properly if the connections become damaged or interrupted for some reason.
  • Loud or unusual sound: If your engine makes a strange sound during operation, one that you haven’t heard it make before, it could be an indication that something has gone wrong with your generator. There could be a problem with the engine itself, or the natural gas or propane fuel supply line.
  • No power output: If it seems like your generator is running, but it is not producing any power output, then there could be an issue with the control board itself.

Make sure to have your generator checked by a professional should anything go wrong with its operation. Call Design Air Inc. today if you have problems with your generator in Suffern