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Pomona, NY Air Conditioning Question: Do I Need to Schedule Air Conditioning Repair?


As the cooling season fast approaches us here in Pomona, NY, we may have already started to think about our air conditioning systems, and about whether they will work well during the high levels of heat and humidity this summer. While you can happily leave any repair work to your local professional technician, knowing when to schedule air conditioning repair is nearly just as important. After all, while routine maintenance is a great way to have a professional regularly inspect your system, it’s impossible for your tech to know a problem is there between visits. Knowing whether or not to schedule air conditioning repair depends upon a few other questions you might want to ask about your cooling system. In this post, we’ve tried to address three such questions. For more information, contact a pro at Design Air, Inc. today!

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  • Do you have inadequate cooling? If your home is not cooling as well as it once did, or not nearly as well as it should, then it may be a sign that you need air conditioning repair. First, check your air filter to make sure it’s not clogged, and your thermostat to make sure the fan is on and that it’s at the correct temperature to call for cool air. If those checks don’t solve your problem, you should call an AC technician.
  • Do you have any hot spots in your home? If there are areas of your home that do not ever seem to stay cool, then these hot spots may indicate that you have a problem with your air conditioning system. You may have an airflow problem, or low refrigerant levels. That said, if the hot spots occur near windows or doors, then there might be an associated insulation problem.
  • How old is your air conditioner? Does it require frequent repairs? If your AC is getting older and requires frequent repairs, then it may make more financial sense to replace the system rather than to continue supporting an obsolete and energy-inefficiency air conditioner. Consult with a professional in order to weigh your options.

These are just a few questions you might ask yourself if you’re considering Pomona, NY air conditioning repair. Call Design Air, Inc. today!