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Nyack Fireplace Tip: What You Should Know about Gas Log Installation


Fireplaces were once the only way homes could get heat. Even though furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and other modern systems have superseded them as the most popular ways to heat a home, fireplaces have stayed with us because of the beauty and coziness they provide. A New York winter feels less biting when you can sit in front of a roaring hearth of flames.

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But the standard wood-burning fireplace takes a lot of work and maintenance, and you’ll need to purchase and store wood (or go chop your own) to feed it. Scheduling a gas log installation is an alternative for getting the aesthetic of a fireplace without the hassles of dealing with wood.

Design Air Inc. offers comprehensive services for fireplaces along with our many other heating and cooling services. We have a Master Hearth Professional available to answer any questions you might have—this is someone who knows Nyack, NY fireplaces better than just about anybody.

First of all, although it seems like it should be obvious, a gas log installation requires access to natural gas. Another important thing you should know about gas logs is there isn’t just one basic model. When you want to get gas logs installed, you’ll have a choice of many different sizes and styles. You don’t need a chimney, either! There are freestanding models, so if you desire the glowing and pleasing look of a fireplace in your home, you can get it put anywhere you want without a chimney.

But the most important fact you need to know about gas log installation: it requires professionals to get it done. Actually, this is a legal requirement: anyone who installs gas logs must have a permit. This is not only to ensure that the logs go in right, it’s also to protect your safety. Any installation that concerns a gas line poses health risks. The professional installers will take into account the ventilation available to prevent a gas build-up. If you use a chimney, the installation experts will give it a thorough inspection to see that it poses no problems for the new gas logs.

Design Air Inc. has a wide selection of gas logs to fit Nyack, NY fireplaces: we can find one that will match your home, and install it so you won’t have to worry about your safety. We won’t leave you in your home with your new gas logs until you are 100% satisfied—that’s our promise.