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Generator Options to Consider


Power outages have become an increasing concern for New York residents. Not only do we have to worry about power loss because of natural disasters, but the increasing stress on power grids makes outages more likely during calm weather as well. Having a back-up source for power can be a huge convenience and a literal life-saver. More and more homes have taken the route of getting insurance against power loss by installing a whole-house generator.

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We believe that a professionally installed whole-house generator is an excellent option to protect your and your family’s comfort and safety. However, it isn’t as simple a task as picking a generator and then calling someone to put it in. There are many generators on the market that cater to different household needs, and you will benefit immensely from getting expert guidance as you go over your various generator options. For advice about your New City, NY generator choices, contact Design Air Inc. today.

One of the initial options to think about regarding a generator is whether it will have an automatic or manual power switch. An automatic switch will turn the generator on in the event of an outage, eliminating the need for you to go out to the generator and get it started on your own. A manual switch costs less, however. You’ll have to weigh the possibility that you won’t be home when the outage takes place, and how easily you could reach the generator in case of an emergency in order to decide which choice it the best.

Consider what appliances and parts of your home you will most need to power in case of an emergency. Lights, refrigerators, and electric heaters will be priorities, but you may decide that some non-essential services won’t need to run, such as an air conditioner. These are important factors in the choice of how large and powerful a generator you need.

Whole house generators usually come in four sizes, ranging in power from 22 to 40 kilowatts. Be cautious about simply going for the largest model, since it’s possible you won’t need that much power and the system will cost significantly more. A generator installation expert can help you make the choice that will best power your home in an emergency.

If you decide to invest in a whole house generator in New City, NY, make sure you hire a company with the experience to help you select a system and get it installed correctly. Rely on Design Air Inc. We won’t leave you with your generator in your home until you are 100% satisfied.