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Fireplaces: Using a Fireplace Safely


There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning hardwood on a crisp afternoon. Our fireplaces give us warmth, comfort, and pleasure. But they need to be used safely. While the design of modern fireplaces, as well as that of homes, has significantly reduced the danger of house fires, safety is of supreme importance when lighting, tending, or extinguishing a fire. While we want you to enjoy your fireplace, we also want you to be able to use your fireplace safely so that you get the most comfort out of it. Whether you’re new to making fires or a seasoned pro, this review of fireplace safety will be a valuable introduction (or reminder). For more information about New City, NY fireplaces, call Design Air Inc. today!

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Here are some tips for fireplace safety:

  • Burn safely. This concerns not only how to burn, but also what to burn. You should never use flammable liquids to start a fire in your fireplace—it’s hazardous to you and your home. Seasoned hardwood is the ideal fuel of choice because it burns the cleanest. If you burn soft or moist wood, then it increases the levels of creosote in your firebox and chimney. Avoid burning cardboard, trash or other debris in your fireplace, and never leave a fire unattended.
  • Protect your home. This includes not only the inside of your home—the surrounding wood and furniture in your living room—but also the outside of your home. Most homeowners who regularly use their fireplaces have a stack of firewood somewhere outside, preferably under cover. This stack should be at least 30 feet away from you home. Safety indoors is no less important: check the batteries on all smoke alarms, give proper ventilation, and make sure your vent pipes extend at least 3 feet above your roof.
  • Keep it clean. This is perhaps the most safety measure of all. Routine chimney and fireplace cleaning will keep your home safe. Creosote buildup can often lead to chimney fires. Before, during, and after burning wood, make sure to keep the area surrounding the fireplace clear of any debris, and flammable materials.

For more information about fireplace safety or if you are interested in a new fireplace for your home, call the New City, NY fireplace experts at Design Air, Inc. today!