Never Ignore a Dirty Evaporator Coil

Never Ignore a Dirty Evaporator Coil

Keeping the home clean is an important and seemingly never-ending task. We don’t want to add to your to-do list but it is important to make sure that the interior workings of your air conditioner remain clean as well. After all, if your air conditioner collects too much dust inside of it, this can hinder the cooling process.

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We want to focus on one particular part of your air conditioner for a bit: your evaporator coil. When this part of your AC unit gets overly dirty, it can and will impede the creation of cool air. What’s more, it can harm your system in the long run.

Let us explain why a dirty evaporator coil can cause serious issues for you this summer if it isn’t addressed quickly.


What is an evaporator coil?

Let’s start here by explaining what the role of your evaporator coil is. This vital part of your air conditioning system is responsible for evaporating your refrigerant, turning it into a gas. Once the refrigerant is in a gaseous state, it can absorb heat and remove it from the air in your home.

What a dirty evaporator coil is a problem

Even with a good air filter in place, your evaporator coil can eventually collect a layer of debris. This is why we always suggest yearly maintenance to help get this debris removed before it can hinder your air conditioner’s work.

On the other hand, if you don’t change your air filter regularly and you skipped maintenance once or twice, your evaporator coil may start to get dirty to the point of causing a problem. The issue arises because a layer of dirt on your evaporator coil is going to hinder the transfer of heat out of the air in your home and into the refrigerant. In short, too much dirt can make it hard for your AC to cool your home. This is also going to cause additional problems such as:

  • Short cycling: your cooling cycles will be interrupted and cut short
  • Icy build-up: Ice should not be a part of your AC system! THis can cause additional damage to your air conditioner.
  • Poor comfort: Reduced heat transfer will lead to reduced overall comfort.

Addressing a dirty coil

It is a good idea to try to address a dirty evaporator coil before it starts to develop a layer of ice around it. with that said whether you catch a dirty evaporator coil early or later on you will want to reach out to a professional to clean things up. A professional will be able to clean off your coil and remove any icy buildup without causing any harm to the coil itself.

If you need assistance with air conditioning repair in Nanuet, NY, you can come to our team. We have experts on staff who can address all of your AC issues ranging from a dirty evaporator coil to broken fan blades and more.

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