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Need Some Supplemental Heat? Consider Using a Gas Insert or Fireplace!


Lots of homes in our area have fireplaces. While an open fire is always very relaxing and pleasant, this is not the best way to gain significant supplemental heat for your home. If you are looking to add heat to your home without driving up tremendous heating costs, you may want to think about installing a gas insert into your existing fireplace, and the experts from Design Air Inc., can help you with this.

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It Can Be Gas or Propane

When we say gas insert, we also mean that you can choose an insert that works with propane. Propane is a little different from natural gas, but we can work with both fuels. Some homes are already setup for propane instead of gas, and using an insert is just as accessible as it is for homes already established with natural gas.

Types of Venting

Homeowners have three main options when choosing to install a gas insert or fireplace:

  • Direct vent – this type of venting allows you to have a gas fireplace without needing a chimney. Using a coaxial pipe, a direct venting gas fireplace is a sealed, safe and effective way to vent the combustion gases from your home.
  • Natural vent – when you have a chimney, you need to add a simple B-vent pipe to your chimney to properly expel the combustion by products from your gas insert or fireplace.
  • Vent-free/ventless – as the name indicates, this type of gas fireplace doesn’t use a chimney, vent or flue. This type of gas fireplace burns so efficiently that the combustion byproducts are very minimal and can be vented into your home without cause for concern.

If you have gas or propane already piped into your home, we can help you maximize its use with the installation of a gas fireplace or insert in your home in Wyckoff, NJ. Call us for details!