Do You Need Emergency Heater Repair Service?

Do You Need Emergency Heater Repair Service?

Winters are cold and snowy, and this year is no exception. When the temperatures start to drop, you need your heating system to function as expected no matter what. And if that doesn’t happen, it becomes more than a matter of comfort. A malfunctioning furnace can turn your home into an icebox in a matter of hours. That poses a health risk to any home, but especially homes with at-risk family members such as infants and the elderly.

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Unfortunately, heater breakdowns don’t always confine themselves to regular business hours.  And a heating breakdown that takes place in the middle of the night (when the temperature is at its coldest) or the weekend (when it may be days before a service will be open for business) can be absolutely devastating. That’s why quality services offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you think your heater might not be able to make it until the morning – or whenever regular business hours might be – then calling for emergency repairs is the smart move to make.

It helps, however, to determine what constitutes an emergency and whether or not the problem is dire enough to call an emergency service. Every call is unique and the problems with your system depend on the circumstances. In the end, only you can decide if an emergency call is warranted. There are, however, a few guidelines to help you out.

Don’t Turn the Heater on

If your heating system has a clear problem, under no circumstances should you turn it back on. Doing so runs the risk of further damage and there’s no guarantee that the system will even work. If it ever comes down to either calling for an emergency service or attempting to operate a faulty heater, call for repairs every time.

Assess the Impact

The real question when it comes to 24-hour emergency services is the extent to which going without heating will impact your life. First and foremost, determine if there’s going to be any significant risk to your family’s health. If you’re in the middle of a cold front and it’s going to be days before a service is open for regular hours, then you should probably call for an emergency service. If, on the other hand, the weather is comparatively warm and you only need to wait a few hours, you might be better off sitting tight.

Circumstances Matter

The precise timing of the emergency repairs — when the breakdown takes place and how long you can comfortably wait before getting it fixed – can have a bearing on whether you think it’s needed as well. For example, if it’s a situation where you have time to handle the issue more readily in the morning, you might want to wait, whereas a heating problem that’s keeping you from sleeping before a work day or school day is likely something you want to get treated before regular office hours.

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