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Wouldn’t it be great to monitor your home’s comfort settings even when you’re away from home? With the growing popularity of smart thermostats, Design Air carries and installs the latest WiFi thermostats that meet your home and family’s needs. Take the icomfort WiFi thermostat by Lennox for example. The icomfort gives you a weather forecast every morning and monitors energy use throughout your home.

WiFi thermostats also allow you to adjust your settings while away from home via computer, smart phone, or other mobile device. With your home settings available on the cloud, you can adjust the temperature in your home at the click of a button to cool the house down while you’re on your way home. Some thermostats can even detect when no one is home and adjust the settings for you to help you save energy and run your system more efficiently. For more information about the icomfort by Lennox or other WiFi thermostats, call Design Air today or schedule service online.