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Lime Scale and Your Boiler


The water coming into your home in Nanuet, NY is likely treated, but that doesn’t mean it is free of minerals. Even a modicum of mineralization in your water can lead to the generation of lime scale, that white, crusty substance you may see around the mouths of your faucets or on your showerhead. Scale can build up anywhere water is present, including your boiler system. Too much scale can have different, adverse effects on your system, but the heating pros from Design Air, Inc., can help you with all of your boiler repair needs.

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Issues from Excess Scale

One of the biggest problems with excess scale is having a build-up occur inside the pipes that bring the hot water to your outlets, such as radiators, etc. When the build-up is thick enough, it restricts the water flow, causing pressure problems within the system and affecting the ability of your heating system to provide enough heat. Sometimes, if the pressure is strong enough, you may even deal with a burst pipe or a leaking joint.

Scale can also build inside the circulating pumps, the small, red components you can see on the supply side of your heating pipes. An excessive enough build-up can restrict the water wheel inside the small pump from turning, slowing or even stopping the flow of hot water to your radiators, baseboard heaters or radiant floor heating.

And speaking of those outlets, scale can build inside them, too. All three types of outlets – radiators, baseboards heaters and PEX tubing used in hydronic radiant floor heating – can also suffer from lime scale build-up, which will restrict the flow of the hot water and as a result, effective heating.

The experts from Design Air, Inc., know how to properly handle the safe removal of lime scale from your boiler heating system, so give us a call today if you suspect lime scale may be a problem with your boiler in Nanuet.