Let’s Look at Your Gas Fireplace Repair Problems

Let’s Look at Your Gas Fireplace Repair Problems

If you’ve ever wanted the charm of a fireplace but none of the hassle of splitting your own logs, a gas fireplace is the right choice for you. And for those who do own a gas fireplace, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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However, the components in a gas fireplace do need proper maintenance if you want to keep enjoying it. In this post, we’ll go over a few types of gas fireplace problems and their causes.


Bad Smells

What’s that smell? There are a few worrisome odors to look out for when operating any kind of gas appliances, gas fireplaces included.

  • Rotten Eggs: This is the classic smell of a gas leak. If your fireplace has been leaking gas, you should open the doors and windows, leave the home immediately, and call the fire department. Don’t make the call from within the house, either, because even that can be enough to ignite the gas. Likewise, don’t try to correct the problem, find the source of the leak, or use any electrical appliances (including light switches).
  • Burning dust, dirt, pet dander: You may get some strange odors if any of these particles are burning in the fireplace. This shouldn’t be a problem if the gas fireplace has a vent and if the said vent is working properly.
  • Objects: Objects placed on the mantelpiece or near the fireplace might create strange odors when exposed to the warmth of the fireplace. Simply try moving things away until the odor is gone.

If you still can’t find the source of the odor, don’t hesitate to ask for free advice from a fireplace repair company in New City.

Weird Noises

First weird smells, and now weird noises? Luckily, odd noises don’t mean you’ll need to flee the home. If the noises are heard in conjunction with operational troubles, however, you’ll want to call us for an opinion.

  • Grinding or Shrieking: An older gas fireplace might be equipped with an old or worn-out blower fan. Older fans are noisy to begin with, but it also might be a sign that the blower needs to be replaced.
  • Roaring: This is a common sound heard from a malfunctioning pilot light. Typically, the light will stay lit, but it will make a roaring noise. This usually can be fixed with an adjustment.
  • Rumbling: Often a sign that your burners are dirty. Over time, burners can become cracked, rusted, or dirty. This can be avoided with regular maintenance or fixed with a quick repair call.

We don’t recommend trying to fix any of these problems on your own. They require the help of a professional who is licensed to work on gas lines.

Starting Issues

Perhaps you’re not able to experience odd smells or weird noises simply because the fireplace won’t start in the first place! There are several possible causes for a gas fireplace failing to start, so we can’t diagnose your problem for you purely through a blog post. But here are some possible reasons:

  • Faulty wiring could be preventing the burners from turning on.
  • The pilot light could be dirty. This could prevent it from lighting at all, or it could be creating a yellow or orange flame, which is not hot enough to properly heat the thermocouple—what you should be expecting is a blue flame.
  • Speaking of thermocouples, a thermocouple itself could need replacement after several years of use.

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