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A whole-house generator makes a great form of insurance against inclement weather, which we get more than our share of here in Elmsford, NY. If heavy rains or snows knock out the power in the local civic grid, an installed generator will ensure that your home retains power to vital appliances like your heater and refrigerator. Once you’ve installed your generator – and indeed as part of the planning process when installing it – you need to make sure you have a plan for using it. Crises can arise unexpectedly, and the last thing you want to do is scramble to get your generator running when the power has gone out. A little forethought will keep your generator ready to go at all times.

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Set up a Servicing Schedule

Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance session for your generator ones or twice a year, in the spring and/or fall. Not only does it give the technician a chance to check and make sure that nothing’s wrong, but it can help improve your generator’s performance, helping to prevent future issues down the road.

Keep Fuel Handy

Generators list their fuel consumption in their instructions, so you know exactly how much it will consume. Make sure you have enough fuel nearby for several days at the least. That way, you won’t have to run out and refuel in the middle of a crisis.

Have an Activation Plan

It pays to know what to do with your generator when the lights go out. Some of them have an automatic transfer switch that activates it immediately upon loss of power. Others have to be turned on my hand. Make sure you know what needs to happen the instant there’s a problem and make sure you can always access your generator easily, even when the weather is terrible.

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