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It’s Time for Fall Maintenance for Your Heater


No home owner ever said excitedly, “It’s time to maintain my heater!” We know that it isn’t all that exciting, and that maintaining your heating system means that summer is over. However, if you want to have the warmth you need during the winter, and know that your system is running well, then it’s time to call your Design Air, Inc., heating technician and schedule maintenance.

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Get Ahead of the Curve

We get most of our maintenance calls when customers first turn on their heating systems for the year. By contacting us now, you don’t have to be part of the rush, and you’ll also have the peace of mind that your heating system will turn on and work great that first chilly morning. There’s nothing worse than finding out your heating system isn’t working well on a cold morning when you need it. With a maintenance appointment, one of the many tasks performed is system testing. If there are any problems, your Design Air, Inc., technician will find it right away. But finding potential issues is only one aspect of annual maintenance. Another aspect is getting your heating system ready to work hard for the winter. Your technician will do this by cleaning the components, lubricating all the moving parts, checking the flue and burner, or checking the refrigerant level if you have a heat pump. The last aspect is of any maintenance appointment is prevention. Taking care of the here and now is very important, but it’s also important to prevent potential future problems. This is where the thorough inspection of the system is incredibly important, as well as small repair tasks like changing the air filter and fan belt.

Our heating pros can get your heating system in Ramsey ready for the winter with professional maintenance – just give us a call.