It’s Finally Time for AC Maintenance

It’s Finally Time for AC Maintenance

ac-maintenanceWith winter now behind us, the most exciting time of the year has finally come! That’s right: the time for air conditioning maintenance.

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Okay, so you might not be able to share our enthusiasm for air conditioning maintenance and HVAC services (it’s kind of all we think about, after all). But we bet you could if we gave you some good reasons to get excited about it.

AC maintenance isn’t just a chore—it’s the best way to get your HVAC system started on the right foot this year.


Start Fresh

One of the best reasons to get maintenance for your HVAC system in New City, regardless of whether we’re talking about the heater or the air conditioner, is the fact that it helps reduce your monthly HVAC-related expenses.

So, when you begin the season with AC maintenance straight away, you’re setting the standard for the rest of the season. By benchmarking your system’s performance with a tune-up, you’ll then be able to keep tabs on your monthly cooling costs. As soon as these numbers start rising, you can take appropriate action—whether that’s in calling for a repair or simply introducing a bit more discipline into using your thermostat.

Helps With Your Spring Cleaning

After your AC has been sitting unused for several months, it’s bound to collect some dust. Dust inside the unit can hinder performance, potentially freeze the evaporator coil, and may lower efficiency.

With a thorough maintenance check, you don’t need to worry about trying to clean off your system. Your HVAC technicians will be able to do it for you while using cleaning supplies and methods that are safe for the AC, as well as knowing exactly where to clean.

Look Forward to Good Performance

We find that many homeowners simply allow their air conditioners to run year after year without expecting much from it. They’ve become accustomed to paying whatever shows up on the energy bill, resigning to it as just “the cost of running an AC.”

If you haven’t had maintenance for a long time, you can get excited knowing that your next tune-up will most likely result in some serious improvements to performance and a lower energy bill.

Minimize the Risk of Breakdowns

A primary benefit of maintenance that can never be understated is how effective it is at reducing the chances of serious repair issues from developing at the worst possible times. It’s even estimated that nearly 85% of HVAC issues can be prevented with a comprehensive maintenance check from an expert.

It makes sense when you think about it: take a system in less-than-amazing condition, add a particularly warm spring or summer day, and what you get is a system that fails at the peak of its performance. Imagine trying to run a marathon while sick or injured and you get the idea.

So in order to prevent your AC from breaking down at the worst possible time, just opt for a quick tune-up instead.

To schedule your air conditioning maintenance, contact EB Design Air Inc. today. Act now and make sure you A/C doesn’t give you hot flashes!