It is Never Too Late For Maintenance

It is Never Too Late For Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable in summer, you want to do everything possible to keep your AC unit running effectively and efficiently. Getting regular maintenance service is a big part of this. While maintenance is often underestimated, it is truly going to make a huge difference in how your system operates.

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And we have good news: if you haven’t gotten your annual tune-up yet, it isn’t too late. While springtime is usually the best time to get maintenance done, it isn’t the only season to have this service done. Trust us, a late air conditioning tune-up in Nanuet is always better than no maintenance at all–here’s why:


The Important Benefits of Maintenance Service

Maintenance is all too often underestimated in how important it is. We want you to know though that a yearly tune-up can actually make an incredibly positive impact on your home comfort and your energy efficiency, even when it is scheduled later than is suggested. Here are the benefits that even late maintenance will provide:

  • Better energy efficiency and operation: Maintenance is a service that takes care of a variety of small issues in your AC system such as a dirty air filter, loose bolt, or a dirty evaporator coil. This is going to help improve your air conditioner’s energy efficiency and its regular operation.
  • Fewer and less expensive repairs: Because an annual tune-up catches and addresses many of the small issues that your AC may develop, it is going to prevent them from escalating into bigger repair needs. For example, a dirty HEPA filter that is cleaned or replaced during maintenance is prevented from hindering airflow and reducing your indoor air quality. What’s more, maintenance will help keep repairs on the smaller and less expensive side too.
  • More manageable energy bills: Last but certainly not least, maintenance is going to benefit your cash flow by keeping your energy bills more manageable or even helping to reduce them. Even when it is done late, a tune-up will address those problems that could lead to excessive energy use, thereby helping prevent spiking energy bills.

Why Maintenance Should Be Provided By a Professional

Hopefully, at this point you know that it is still well worth your time to schedule that tune-up for your air conditioning system. We want to make sure that you know this service is best provided by a professional technician like the ones on our team.

A professional team will be able to properly perform the tasks that make up an annual maintenance check such as tightening, cleaning, adjusting, and optimizing your AC system. All this can be done in a timely manner that helps your system, rather than putting it at risk of sustaining further damage. This is in contrast to a DIY attempt or amateur service which can lead to extra problems for your AC.

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