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Isn’t a Fireplace a Bit Old Fashioned for Heating in North Bergen County?


The technology of home heating systems has advanced tremendously over the last century, and it continues its march toward providing better warmth and energy efficiency for your house. So it might seems strange to suggest having a fireplace to help with heating in North Bergen County, NJ. It’s so… quaint.

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Of course, the quaintness of a fireplace is one of the reasons people have them in the first place. There’s nothing more cozy or inviting during a chilly winter winter than roaring flames in a hearth. But there’s more to modern fireplaces than that, as we’ll explain.

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Efficient fireplace options

Although the standard wood-burning fireplace is a pleasant way to enjoy the beauty of a glowing hearth, there are ways to get much more efficient heat from your fireplace that will work as an addition to your central heating system.

Gas log inserts are one of the best ways to change your old fireplace into an efficient heating option for your home. However, you will need professionals to take care of installing gas logs in your home, as you don’t want to tamper with gas lines on your own. Professionals will also inspect your chimney, flue liners, and dampers to make sure everything is in good condition for your new insert.

However, you don’t need access to natural gas to have a fuel-efficient fireplace: there are excellent electrical fireplace inserts that professionals can install in your existing fireplace’s masonry to give you much more effective—and cleaner—heating.

Another thing to keep in mind about fireplaces is that you don’t need a chimney to install a new one. There are free-standing wood and pellet stoves available that can provide you the benefit of extra heat in whatever room you choose. And these models produce enough BTUs (British Thermal Units) to compete with many of the best central furnaces. Pellet stoves have especially high fuel efficiency, making them an ideal way to reduce the strain on your central heater while also getting the aesthetic benefits of a fireplace.

Fireplaces don’t have to be old fashioned—even if they can still outwardly act that way. Contact Design Air Inc if you’re interested in finding a new way to increase your heating in North Bergen County, NJ that has the pleasing feel of the old way.