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Is a Heat Pump Sufficient for My Home Comfort This Year?


Heat pumps can be great systems for both heating and cooling, but there can be some concern that a heat pump may not be able to effectively heat or cool a home. The best way to ascertain whether or not a heat pump is sufficient for your heating and cooling needs is to understand how a heat pump works. The technicians at Design Air, Inc., have put together a description below to help you understand how a heat pump both heats and cools, and if it can provide you with the heating and cooling you need in Nanuet, NY.

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How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps use refrigerant to facilitate the transfer of heat from one area to another. Heat pumps do not use fossil fuels to create cooling or heating; they only use a small amount of electricity to operate the pump. During the summer, the heat inside your home is absorbed by the heat pump and transferred outside; in the winter, the heat pump absorbs the heat from the outdoors, concentrates it in the heat exchanger, and then transfers it to your home.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are several types of heat pumps. Below are the types Design Air, Inc., carries:

  • Air-source heat pump – this is the most common kind of heat pump. Air-source heat pumps transfer heat between your home and the outside air. Because of this, air-source heat pumps are best used in climates in which the temperature does not drop below 32 degrees.
  • Ductless heating (and cooling) – ductless heating and cooling offers homes without ductwork the ability to cool as well as heat. In addition, the indoor blowers operate individually, allowing you to have customized heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal/ground-source heat pumps – ground-source heat pumps are part of a geothermal system. With geothermal systems, the heating for your home comes from harnessing the steady temperature of the Earth just below the frost line. Using a ground loop, heat is transferred in during the winter to the heat pump, which is inside your home. The heat is concentrated, then delivered to your living spaces. During the summer, the heat from the indoors is transferred into the ground via the ground loop.

All heat pumps are very energy efficient and provide very comfortable heating and cooling. If you think a heat pump is a good fit for you, call Design Air, Inc., today and schedule a heating installation for your home in Nanuet with one of our installation experts.