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Is a Generator Really Worth It?


Do you like burst pipes, spoiled food and being without heat? Of course not, but this is what you can face with a significant power outage. While many power outages are resolved fairly quickly, there are outages where you could be out of power for days. In fact, approximately 3.5 million people are left without power every week in America, some for extended periods of time. One of the best ways to ensure that your home keeps on running during a power outage is to install a whole-home generator in Pomona. There are several options when it comes to choosing a whole-home generator, and enlisting the help of a trained professional ensures you’ll get a generator that is right for your needs. The electrical experts at Design Air Inc can help you choose and install a generator in Pomona, NY that is best for you, so call them today.

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Generator Choices

Generators can run on a few different fuels and come in varying sizes. The most common fuel choices are:

  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Diesel

Generator size varies widely, but the typical range for a whole-home generator is 22 kilowatts per hour to 48 kilowatts per hour. Additionally, whole-home generators can be outfitted with an automatic transfer switch, enabling them to activate automatically when the power goes out, and making their operation seamless and convenient.

Benefits of a Home Generator

Here are some of the benefits that a whole-home generator can offer:

  • Automatic start-up – generators that switch on automatically come with a sensor that alerts the generator when the power has gone out. When an outage occurs, your generator automatically turns on, keeping the power in your home going with only seconds of interruption.
  • Keeps your home operational – a whole-home generator will keep your home operational for as long as you need it with adequate fuel supply, helping you to avoid food spoilage or damage from freezing pipes.
  • Very safe – unlike with a portable generator, there are no extension cords to trip over with a whole-home generator.

Regardless of the weather outside, having access to power is a priority. Call Design Air Inc., today and schedule an appointment to see how a generator can help your home in Pomona, NY.