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Summer is still here in New City, NY, but fall will be here before you know it and with it comes a host of issues that local homeowners will need to address. Among them is low humidity levels, creating dry air and a distinct comfort problem in many local homes. A whole-house humidifier can solve those problems, and with cool temperatures still weeks away, now is a great time to consider installing one, when you have time to plan at leisure. 

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Why Is Low Humidity a Problem?

When temperatures fall, the ambient moisture in the air coalesces into droplets, which makes the air drier. As relative humidity levels fall, it can get dry enough to start leeching moisture off of your skin, sinuses and nearby surroundings. That creates a dry, itchy feeling in your skin, as well as leaving your sinuses more vulnerable to colds and flu bugs. Static electricity increases and the air feels cooler than it should, forcing your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. In severe cases, it can even damage furnishings in your home such as wallpaper.

Now Is the Right Time for a Humidifier

The simplicity of a whole-house humidifier is part of its selling point. It’s just a fan that blows air across a wick moistened by a reservoir, adding moisture to the air as it runs. But the effects can be transformative: restoring comfort levels, eliminating static electricity, and helping your heating system do its job without wasting money on unnecessarily high monthly bills. Installing one now means that it will be ready to go by the time temperatures fall, helping to make your home a nicer place to be as winter sets in.

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