Include Your AC in Your Spring Cleaning

Include Your AC in Your Spring Cleaning


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Spring is a great time of year to do some spring cleaning, hence the name! From switching out the heavy winter blankets and replacing them with lighter versions, to fluffing pillows and dusting rooms, a lot of us are working to get our homes into a cleaner, brighter state.

As you are going about to clean and spruce things up though, you will want to remember that your air conditioning system needs to be cleaned too. Believe it or not, your air conditioning in Pearl River needs to be kept clean in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

So you may be asking yourself what part of your air conditioning system can even get dirty. We are happy to both tell you about how and where your A/C might get dirty and what to do about it.

Spring Cleaning for a Dirty Air Conditioner

Keeping your A/C clean is important to your system’s well being and your home comfort. Some of the parts of your system that could be dirty include:

  • The return air filter: This filter is meant to stop dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your air conditioner. Over time, this filter can collect quite a bit of debris which makes things hard for your system. It is important to either replace or clean this filter every few months.
  • The air vents: It is a good idea to dust off and wipe down the vents around your house when you are cleaning up around the home. Much like your air filters, your vents can collect a good amount of dust which can hinder airflow and decrease air quality.
  • Clutter around your outdoor unit: Your outdoor unit is going to need to have a clear area around it. If there is a bunch of foliage or leaves around your A/C unit it can reduce its ability to release the heat that was collected from the air in your home.
  • A clogged condensate line: As your air conditioner collects heat from the air it also usually is going to pull moisture out of the air. This moisture along with any dust or debris that was in the air will collect into a pan before being siphoned away via the condensate line. The condensate line can eventually become blocked and will need to be cleared out before it causes damage to your system or your home.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: Over time your evaporator coil is going to have a decent amount of dust on it which can make it hard for your refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in your home. This can lead to short cycling if left unaddressed long enough.

It may be surprising to find out that your air conditioner needs to be kept clean but it’s true. When you need to make sure that your system is clean, clear and ready for summer, make sure to reach out to professionals

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