The Importance of a Whole-House Generator

The Importance of a Whole-House Generator

standby-generatorWe’re in the dog days of summer now in New City, NY which means that you might be experiencing some power outages. Everyone here in the city is on the same page as you–they’re running their air conditioner day and night to keep their home cool. We don’t blame any of you for this because it’s scorching here in New York. The only problem with this is that this many people in our city running their air conditioner at the same time can result in a power outage. 

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If you want to keep your home comfortable and cool even in the face of a power outage, you’re going to need to consider an automatic standby generator in New City, NY. If you’re not familiar with these systems, you can contact our professional team today.

What’s a Whole House Generator?

A whole house generator (also commonly referred to as a standby generator) is a larger system, compared to portable generators. You might be a little more familiar with a portable generator. These systems are often stored in the house itself. Conversely, a whole house generator is installed outside the home and is permanently wired into the home’s power system. We recommend a whole-house generator because these systems don’t rely on gasoline to provide your home with power in the way that a portable generator would. Instead, a whole house generator has its own natural gas line running to it. This means that this system always has a source of power. 

A standby generator, in particular, is great because these systems switch on automatically if you run out of power. These systems monitor the amount of power running through your home at all times. When the power goes out, the generator switches on automatically and supplies energy to your house. When the power eventually comes back on again, the standby generator shuts off and all functions as normal again.

The Various Advantages of Whole House Generators

Whole house generators offer so many benefits like the following: 

  • Always Have Enough Power: Whole house generators can provide more than enough power to keep the entire house running. Portable generators are convenient too, but they can’t keep your home running for more than a few hours. If we face a substantial outage here in New City, you’re going to want a system that can really have your back.
  • Automatic Power: The thing about portable generators is that they’re manual systems meaning that they require a little people power to get going. What we’re saying here is that when the power goes out, someone needs to go over to the portable generator and turn it on. If you want seamless power you should opt for an automatic generator.
  • Convenience: Portable generators are designed to only provide enough power to keep the lights on and other very minor necessities. If you have several appliances in your home or even medical devices that need constant power, you’re going to need to choose a whole house generator for your home. 

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