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How to Properly Take Advantage of an Efficient Heater


We’re heading into the back end of winter here in New City,  NY, but we’ve still got a couple of months of cold weather where your heating system will be called upon to keep you warm every night. An efficient heater, one with a high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, can help you stay warm without breaking the bank. But an efficient heater isn’t automatically a money-saving heater. It simply allows you to save money more easily. That can be a blurry concept sometimes, but with a little insight and judicious practices, you can properly take advantage of an efficient heater to cut your monthly bills down to size. Here’s a few tips on how.

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Watch Your Sizing

When purchasing a new heater, there’s an inclination to go with a powerful system, as well as an efficient one. This can be a big mistake. If the heater is too powerful for the space in your home, it will heat the air too quickly, shutting down only to start up again a few minutes later. The process is known as “short cycling,” and since it takes a lot more energy to start and stop a heater than to simply keep it running, it could remove that efficiency with the drop of a hat. In addition to checking out the AFUE rating in a new heater, make sure you find a system that fits the power needs of your space.

Longer Running Times Cost More

There’s a rule called Jevons Paradox: if you have more efficient technology, you’re going to use it more often. There’s nothing wrong with using a more efficient heater more than you used to use your old one, but the improved efficiency will go into that lengthier running time: not your bills. If you want to lower your bills instead, make sure you run your new heater for about the same amount of time you ran your old one.

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