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How to Prepare Your Generator for Trouble


Residents of New City, NY have seen what Mother Nature can throw at us, and even when you don’t have advance warning like you do with a storm front, the power in your house can go out suddenly and without warning. A whole-house generator makes an excellent way to maintain power in a crisis and ensure that you can hunker down in safety and comfort until the crisis passes. But proper preparation is the key, and your generator only works as well as you have prepared it. Here are some important tips to help make sure you’re never caught flat-footed when a crisis arises.

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Have It Serviced

Maintenance sessions should be performed at least once a year and maybe twice if you can afford it. It you have advance warning before a storm, you might be able to schedule a session in time, but it’s better to have it scheduled well before any trouble hits. That lets the technician ensure that everything is ship-shape and that the generator will function as it needs to when your household needs it. You can augment this by firing up the generator in advance of any trouble, and checking it to make sure it’s running.

Keep Fuel Stocked

All generators use fuel, and the specific type depends on your exact make and model. They also have a fuel consumption ratio, letting you know how much fuel is required to run if for a certain length of time. Always make sure you have enough fuel to last for 3-4 days and keep it somewhere that’s both dry and close to your generator. In addition, make sure everyone in the family knows how to refuel the generator, and that everyone can reach it safely in the event there’s a problem.

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