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How to Keep Your Fireplace Safe


No matter what kind of heating system you have in your home, it can pose safety hazards if used incorrectly, left without repairs, or fails to receive regular inspection. Your fireplace is no different, even if it’s not the main source of heat for you, but a way to brighten your home and bring coziness to the winter season.

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Whether you have gas logs, a freestanding wood or pellet stove, or an electric insert providing you the comforts of a fireplace, you can count on Design Air Inc to provide you the repairs and maintenance necessary to keep you and your family safe. We service all types of fireplaces in New City, NY and the surrounding areas.

Here are some ways to have improved fireplace safety:

Watch out for creosote: If your fireplace burns wood, the number one safety hazard you can encounter is creosote, a shiny black substance that will start appearing on the hearth and chimney bricks. Creosote is unburned wood energy, and because it is highly combustible it can cause fires. Schedule yearly maintenance and cleaning to keep creosote from causing trouble.

Animals in the chimney: Birds, squirrels, and sometimes raccoons can seek shelter inside chimneys. Birds building nests are a common problem, and it can lead to blocking the chimney, allowing smoke to get into your home. Have a chimney cap installed to keep animals (as well as larger debris) out.

Gas leak dangers: Many modern fireplaces use natural gas as their fuel source, and natural gas always carries a hazard of toxic gas leaking, although a fireplace is no more dangerous than any other natural-gas powered heater. Carbon monoxide leaking is the main threat; even though this gas is naturally odorless and colorless, manufacturers will lace it with a scent to make it easier to detect. Do not attempt to fix gas leak problems on your own: this requires professionals.

Annual maintenance: Any fireplace should receive a yearly check-up from a technician to make sure there are no issues that might turn dangerous. A clean fireplace is also an attractive fireplace, so make sure you sign up for annual maintenance.

Design Air Inc is available 24/7 with the repairs you need to keep your fireplace safe. We can perform most repairs on the spot, so you won’t have long to wait before you can have your roaring hearth back. Sign up for routine maintenance with us as well. Trust our many years of experience with fireplaces in New City, NY.