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How to Determine the Size of Your Solar Energy Array


Solar energy is the most forward-thinking and effective way to provide your home with energy. Here’s what you should always keep in mind when thinking about the benefits of solar energy: the power from the Sun is free. The mass of hydrogen and helium at the center of our solar system emits a constant heat of 5,778° Kelvin, and if you can harness it on Earth’s surface using a solar energy array, it’s free. The only cost to you is the installation of the photovoltaic cells on the roof (or other outdoor location). The efficiency of the system will soon pay for itself.

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How large an array of solar cells do you need to supply your home with power? It’s an important question, and thankfully it isn’t one you need to figure out on your own. Contact our expert solar installers to help you decide how much power you need and the array that can deliver it for you. For solar energy in Nyack, NY, look to the skilled team at Design Air Inc.

Sizing a Solar Energy Array

The first part of sizing an array is to determine how much of your home you intend to convert to solar power. If you are starting small, you may only want to run a water heater (this is a common place to begin with solar conversion). Or perhaps you want to have your whole house run on solar power with a back-up electrical system connected to the grid. Once you’ve made the choice about the extent of solar power you want in your home, the installers will start determining how large an array of PV cells you need.

The calculation of array size starts with determining the kilowatt-hours your home/appliance uses each month (the installers can use your past bills to find this out). Then they factor in the amount of sun that your location receives based on the minimum sun-hours during winter. They then figure out the wattage for the PV panels necessary to convert the solar power available to the kilowatt-hours you use, taking into account efficiency lost in the conversion from solar energy to electricity.

Now that the installers know what sort of photovoltaic panels you need, they can make the calculation of how many individual panels are needed to make up the energy total required to meet your home’s needs. In some cases, this may be a larger array than you have space for, although this is an uncommon occurrence. Installers can make arrangements for solar panels placed on the stands lawn if necessary to help you get the most power possible.

You cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to picking and installing solar energy system, so only trust Nyack, NY HVAC experts for the job. Call Design Air Inc today to start receiving the free benefits of the Sun’s energy that shines down on you throughout the year.