How to Avoid a Heating Emergency

How to Avoid a Heating Emergency

Heating emergencies are no small considerations in towns like Wyckoff, NJ. Our recent winters have been colder than ever and without reliable heating, you’re apt to find your home turning into a freezer in a matter of hours. Emergency services are available to conduct heating repairs on short notice, which should come as at least a small relief. However, you can help your own cause out by working to prevent a heating emergency, starting now while the weather is still warm. Here’re a few general guidelines.

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  • Replace an Older Heater. A heating system whose warranty has expired and which consistently exhibits performance problems should probably be replaced before the snows fall, lest it breaks down right in the middle of a cold front.
  • Schedule a Maintenance Session. Maintenance sessions for operating heaters are a smart idea because they let a trained professional check for signs of trouble, allowing you to schedule a repair session to fix it before you need the heater. It can also improve the system’s performance, reduce strain on the heater over the winter and prevent a heating emergency.
  • Change the Filters. Filters on the heater should be changed on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency. It cuts down on dust and ensures that the air can flow through your system properly. You can buy replacement filters at any local hardware store.
  • Ease the Strain with Home Improvements. Additional insulation and the installation of storm windows can cut down on your heating costs and lower the strain on your system, helping it do its job more effectively. On a more modest scale, you can buy weather stripping to seal cracks around the door and window frames, and set your thermostat a few degrees cooler than you normally would.

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