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How Powerful a Generator Should I Get?


Considering how much our homes depend on electricity today (even gas-powered furnaces require electricity in order to run), losing electrical power for a long stretch is a major inconvenience and can even be dangerous, particularly if you have family members with special needs. To protect your household from extended power outages that can occur because of extreme weather conditions or overextended power grids, installing a whole house generator is one of your best options.

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However, you cannot simply look at a selection of whole house generators, point to a model, and hope for the best. Not only does the installation work require electrical specialists, but those same specialists are also necessary to size the system properly to fit your home and the specific needs you have for power. Trust to the work of Design Air Inc when it comes to picking from the available array of whole house generators in Nyack, NY.

Generator Sizing

The power of the generator you install rests on a number of factors. The generator must not be too powerful so that it shorts out your electrical system the moment it comes on—that would defeat the point. Installers will figure the upper limit of a generator that your home can handle.

That’s the easier part of sizing a generator. The tougher part is determining how much electrical power your home needs during an outage. You may wish to run all your electrical systems as normal, but this will require a more expensive unit. In most cases, you will focus on key systems necessary for baseline comfort and safety. For example, you will want power to run any medical equipment that people in your home depend on. Other items that are often essential include sump pumps (especially if you are worried about outages during storms), safety lights (crucial if you have young children or elderly people in your home), and refrigerators/freezers. You can add more systems, which will require a larger generator.

Work with your installer to come up with a generator that will supply the appropriate electrical load in watts that will match your needs and also fit your budget. The installer will know the proper calculations based on the appliances you wish to run to calculate the proper sizes generator.

When you call Design Air Inc, you make an investment in quality for your standby generator—and that’s an investment in your family’s safety and well-being and your peace of mind. Trust us when it comes to sizing and installing whole house generators in Nyack, NY. Contact us today to set up an appointment with us.