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How Excessive Dirt Effects Your Air Conditioner


It’s a general good rule of life that you want to keep dirt on the ground and out of everything else. This applies to your air conditioning system more than most devices in your home; an AC is susceptible to dust and dirt contamination that can severely limit its effectiveness, efficiency, and may even cause it to break down unless it receives major repairs.

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Here are few of the ways that dirt can have a negative impact on your AC. Most of these problems require the work of professionals to remedy, so make sure you have handy a number for a skilled, qualified HVAC service that offers 24-hour air conditioning repair in Nyack, NY. It’s easy to locate one: Design Air Inc is ready any time of the day or night to deliver the repair work that will stop dirt from harming your summer comfort.

AC troubles from excessive dirt infiltration

  • Reduced airflow due to a clogged air filter: Your AC has a defense against dust and dirt entering its cabinet, the air filter. This filter traps debris inside the air coming through the return vents, protecting the sensitive interior components of the air conditioner. However, the filter must be changed on a regular basis (once a month during summer) or a large amount of contamination will choke off the airflow into the system—and consequently the airflow out of it. Extreme dirt clogging can also cause the indoor evaporator coil to freeze over, which will lower cooling ability. Make sure you change the filter monthly, and call for repairs if a clogged filter starts to damage the system.
  • Overstressed motors: Motors run key components in an AC: the fans and the compressor. But if dirt starts to develop across the motors, they will suffer from extra stress on their moving parts, and this will make them inefficient—and they could potentially burnout and need replacement. When you hear shrieking or groaning noises from the cabinet, it could be dying motors with too much dirt on them. Call for repairs.
  • Damaged fans: One of the major problems with dirt entering an AC cabinet is that it can cause damage to the operation of fans, making them run inefficiently, and possibly denting and bending their blades. Damaged fan blades will lead to additional damage to surrounding parts of the cabinet, so if you hear loud clanging and metallic striking noises from inside the AC, have technicians look into the fans for damage.

Regular maintenance will help

AC repair can solve these problems, but you can help keep your air conditioning system clean through yearly maintenance from an HVAC professional. Cleaning an AC is a basic part of an annual inspection and tune-up, and this will eliminate dirt infestations as significant problems for the coming season.

Call Design Air Inc today to schedule a maintenance session for your AC to start off the summer right. You can also depend on us for whatever air conditioning service in Nyack, NY you need.