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How Do UV Germicidal Lights Work?


UV stands for ultra-violet, a wavelength of light that we can’t see, but which pervades our world regardless. At high enough levels, it’s what gives us sunburns when we spend too much time outside. At lower levels, it can cause our white clothes to glow in the dark, as you sometimes see at concerts and amusement parks. That same principle can be used to keep your New City, NY home free of germs and other biological contaminants. UV germicidal lights can be installed in your system by a trained technician, and the results are amazing. How do UV germicidal lights work? Read on for the answers.

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An Impenetrable Wall

Screens and filters still leave holes for air to pass through, and that means that tiny organisms like germs and bacteria can pass through as well. But light forms an impenetrable field, which even the smallest organism has to cross. A UV germicidal light projects a field across the width of your air ducts at the apex: more comprehensive than any screen and spelling doom for germs that pass through it.

Unable to Escape

When bacteria and germs pass through the light, it interferes with their DNA, killing them dead on contact. More importantly, it prevents them from replicating, meaning that they can’t spread once they pass through the field. As your heater or air conditioner run, the air in your home cycles through the system, gradually exposing all of your indoor air to the light. Over time, your whole house will be scrubbed clean. Instances of illness will drop to a minimum, asthma attack will decrease and your home as a whole will feel fresher and cleaner as a result. Best of all, they have few moving parts, which means they rarely suffer breakdowns, and as long as you periodically replace the light bulbs, you can expect many years of tireless service from it.

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