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How Do SEER Ratings Affect Air Conditioning Size?


A new air conditioner may be the perfect addition to your home this spring, and if you are in the market for a replacement for a broken-down unit, now is the time to start looking, before our Suffern, NY summers kick in. Two specific factors go into the selection of a new air conditioner: the power output and the efficiency. Both are important, but they aren’t separate considerations. When choosing you air conditioner, you need to balance both against each other, and understand how SEER ratings affect air conditioning size.

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Efficiency Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Savings

SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio, and measures the amount of cooling energy generated in relation to the energy consumed. The higher the rating, the more cooling energy that system can produce. It means a more efficient system can save you… provided it’s the same size as the system it’s replacing. A more powerful or less powerful system may generate more or less energy, even though it has the same SEER rating, and will affect your monthly bills accordingly.

A More Powerful System May be Less Efficient

The SEER rating will have an effect on the power levels of the air conditioner you’re buying, since a more efficient system can be a little smaller than a less efficient one. However, the power levels still need to match the size of your home, in order to ensure that the entire home is cooled. If the system is too small, even if it has a higher SEER rating, then you may need to opt for another system that more accurately matches your house size. Otherwise, the unit will need to work harder to cool your home, and the benefits of a more efficient system will be lost.

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