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How Do Freestanding Stoves Vent?


If you thought that the pleasant warmth of a fireplace in your home were out of reach because you don’t have a chimney or the room to build one, allow us to introduce you to the freestanding stove. A freestanding stove, burning either wood, high-efficiency wood pellets, or gas, allows you to enjoy the comfort of a roaring hearth without needing a masonry chimney. Stoves are also excellent additions to your heating system, since the heated metal of their casings transfers high levels of BTUs to wherever they are installed, producing the same warmth as a furnace.

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A common question people have about freestanding stoves is ventilation. How does ventilation work without a fireplace, and how and where should the stove be installed? We’ll answer that in this post. For more information about freestanding stoves, call Design Air Inc and talk to our experts on fireplaces in Spring Valley, NY.

The Workings of a Freestanding Stove

The modern freestanding stove is a marvelous merger of old world concepts with contemporary heating and ventilation technology. A freestanding stove (in other words, one that isn’t an insert put into a fireplace hearth) stands either on legs or a pedestal a few inches from the floor and away from the walls. The smoke from inside the stove is sent into stovepipe that either comes out the top or the back the unit.

This stovepipe then goes through the nearest wall and into a ventilation chimney. “But I don’t have chimney!” you say. That’s fine: we’re not referring to a large masonry chimney (although if you do have one, it will certainly suffice), but to a factory-built chimney made up of sections that can be installed out of sight within the wall. This then vents the smoke up through the roof.

You may have seen freestanding stoves available at large retail stores for low prices. Be cautious: these devices rarely meet EPA standards and do not provide either the heat level or the beauty you want from a substitute for a fireplace.

Instead of going with a non-regulation off-the-shelf stove, contact a professional stove installation company with a wide range of options. The staff can help you pick the right stove for your needs, and then place it in your house and vent it safely.

If you are interested in putting in a freestanding wood, pellet, or gas stove for you house, you’ll find all you need at Design Air Inc. We have specialists in fireplaces in Spring Valley, NY who can answer your questions and steer you to the right stove.