How a Filter Affects Your Furnace

How a Filter Affects Your Furnace

man-holding-air-filterThere are a lot of different parts within your furnace that allow it to make heat effectively and do its job throughout the colder months. From your heat exchanger to your blower fan to the housing your furnace sits in, and even to the seemingly inconsequential filter, these different parts are all vital to your comfort which is why maintaining them, and repairing them when necessary, is important.

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Let’s pause for a  moment and take a deeper look at the role your filter plays. All too often, we find that customers brush off the idea of the filter needing much care because they don’t think it will have much of an impact on the operation of their heater. The opposite is true. While a poorly-maintained filter isn’t as dangerous as a broken heat exchanger or as loud as a blower motor in need of lubrication, it can still have a negative effect on your comfort.

We want to explain why your filter is important and how best you can keep it in good shape.


The Role of Your Filter

Your furnace needs to pull air into your system to heat it and blow it through your home. When the system pulls in air, that air goes through a filter first to rid it of dirt, debris and other contaminants that would otherwise get into your heater.

What Happens When Your Filter Goes Bad

A bad filter is one that is oversaturated with dust or debris, or one that has become torn or is ill-fitted in your heating system. When you have a bad filter it can reduce your comfort in a number of ways.

  1. An oversaturated filter will reduce the airflow going into your furnace which means your furnace will have to work harder for longer amounts of time to get the same result.
  2. A torn or ill-fitted filter will allow all those contaminants to get into your furnace which can then harm your furnace and reduce your indoor air quality.

Best Care Tips for Your Furnace Filter

So now that you understand why your filter is important to your comfort and how it can harm your comfort if it isn’t maintained well, the next step is learning what needs to be done to keep your filter in good condition.

If your filter is disposable, you can purchase the same filter type and size at your local store and replace it within your system. If you instead have a reusable you can pull out the filter, wipe it down with a cloth and give it a light rinse to get all the dust off.

If you aren’t sure where your furnace filter is, or if you aren’t comfortable handling your filter on your own, you should reach out to a professional for assistance. The team at EB Design Air Inc. is trained and experienced with taking care of heaters. So whether you have a Monsey furnace or a boiler, you can trust us to keep your system running and keep you comfortable.

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