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Home Winterization Tips: Suffern Heating Guide


With winter just around the corner it is a good idea to begin planning your home winterization strategy. Winterizing your home can help reduce the cost of heating your home by increasing energy efficiency. At Design Air, Inc., we believe that everyone should be able to keep their home efficiently and affordably comfortable year round. We’ve put together some tips for professional winterization as well as some simple step you can take yourself to ensure your Suffern home is comfortable on even the coldest nights of the winter.

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  • Clean out your gutters. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering how to prepare your home for the cold, but blocked gutters lead to icing, which in turn leads to damage including broken gutters and the buildup of ice around your foundation directly beneath them.
  • Take out your window screens and put in storm windows. These extra window layers provided added protection from the cold, especially for older windows with thin, single layer planes. You may also consider insulating your windows with plastic sheeting as well.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans. Many people don’t even realize that this is possible. In the summer you want your fans to rotate counter clockwise. In the winter, reverse them with a switch on the fixture itself to push warm air downwards.
  • Drain outdoor fixtures. Icy pipes can lead to big headaches. Turn off the valves inside and make sure all the water is emptied from fixtures and spouts outside.
  • Have your heating system professionally maintained before putting it into heavy use. Don’t wait until you really need it to discover that your heater is not up to the task of keeping your home comfortable during the cold season. Professional maintenance ensures proper operation and allows Suffern heating professionals, such as those at Design Air, to discover any small, developing problems before they can compromise your system.
  • Consider a thermostat upgrade. A programmable or smart thermostat gives you more complete control over how you regulate temperatures in your home. Start heating and cooling in a more effective and efficient manner with the installation of a smart thermostat.
  • Get an energy audit. With a blower door test a professional heating technician can identify leaks in your home’s envelope. Sealing and repairing these leaks and cracks will allow you to keep your heated air inside, where it belongs.

If you have any questions about ways to further prepare your home for the winter season, call the Suffern heating professionals at Design Air, Inc.. We want you to be comfortable. Heat your home more efficiently with these home winterization tips.