Get Your Heating System Maintained Today

Get Your Heating System Maintained Today

Winter is on its way, and while temperatures in the area are cold enough, it’s going to get a great deal colder before the end of the year. Your heating system has likely already seen a great deal of use already, and if your system has any problems, now is the time to get them addressed. If you detect any problems with your heater — anything out of the ordinary, from strange noises to lowered heating levels — you should turn the system off and call in a repair service.

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But even if you don’t detect anything wrong with your heating system, it pays to let an expert take a look. You can detect basic issues with the system, but a formal diagnosis requires licensing, training and experience. A trained professional knows what to look for and can spot the signs of trouble before they cause a breakdown of similar problems. Maintenance sessions are a great way to do that, and now is the perfect time to schedule one.

What Is It?

A maintenance session most closely resembles a tune-up on your car: a chance for the technician to give it a thorough look and check for problems both large and small. In the event a given issue is comparatively minor — a clogged burner, say, or a loose bolt causing a component to rattle in its housing — it can be corrected as part of the maintenance session. If more serious repairs are required (something demanding a repair session in its own right), the technician can spot the issue and schedule repairs with you. If the needed equipment is on-hand in the truck (which is the case in most circumstances), the repairs can even be conducted as soon as the maintenance session is over (depending upon your timetable, of course).

How Does It Help Me?

Maintenance sessions provide three basic advantages to your heating system.

  1. Lower Bills. Tightening loose bolts, cleaning up clogged burners and similar maintenance steps help the heater do its job more efficiently. That means it will cost you less in monthly bills overall, which is one of the reasons we recommend maintenance sessions before the winter begins in earnest.
  2. Easier Repairs. In some cases, regular maintenance can prevent repair issues outright. But in cases where your system does need repairs, it always pays to spot them early. Doing so lets you get them addressed on your timetable, at a point that suits you best. In addition, it usually limits the cost of repairs, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread.
  3. Longevity. When applied over time, on a regular basis, maintenance sessions cut down on the wear and tear the heater suffers. Not only with that reduce the size of repair jobs later in the system’s life, but it can extend the life of the whole system by months or even years: helping you get the most value out of your system.

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