Heater FAQ: Forced Air or Radiant Heating

Heater FAQ: Forced Air or Radiant Heating

When it comes to heating in New York, having a system that is both effective and efficient is pretty important. The question that some people may have though is which type of heating system is going to be the most effective for keeping your home comfortable.

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You actually have two main heating categories: forced-air heating and radiant heating. Understanding the difference between these two key categories of heat creation and how they impact your comfort can actually help you determine which kind of heating unit is going to best meet your comfort needs. In order to help, we have compiled some facts about both forced-air heating and radiant heating that will allow you to better understand them moving forward.


What is Forced-Air Heating?

Forced-air heating is what many people use across the country. This involves the creation of hot air, either through electrical resistance, heat transfer or by burning natural gas, which is then blown into the house. Forced-air heating systems are able to effectively and efficiently heat the house. The heat provided by forced-air systems is going to feel similar to that of a warm breeze flowing through the vents.

Forced-air systems are going to require ductwork in most cases to deliver the hot air they make to their destination.

Types of Forced-Air Heaters

So what are your options for forced-air heaters? There are two main types:

  • Furnaces: The most well-known forced-air heating system is the furnace. This system creates heat either by using electricity or by burning natural gas. Modern furnaces are made to be highly energy-efficient and work well in even the coldest temperatures.
  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps don’t create heat but rather transfer it from the air outside the home, into the air indoors through the use of cycles refrigerant. While extremely energy efficient, heat pumps will struggle when temperatures drop below freezing, so they are normally combined with furnaces as a dual fuel system to make up for it.

What is Radiant Heating?

As you may glean from the name, radiant heating involves comfort provided through radiant heat transfer. This is done by creating hot surfaces that radiate heat to the surrounding area, such as heat radiating from a heated baseboard. If forced-air heating is like a warm breeze, the radiant heating can be better compared to the feeling of warm sunlight.

Radiant heating can be provided via electric or hydronic (hot water) systems, negating the need for ductwork.

Radiant Heating by Boiler

The most well-known type of radiant heating system that we install is going to be the hydronic floor radiant heating system. This is powered by a boiler that heats water that is cycled throughout the house and radiates heat through the flooring of the home.

Choosing the Best System For You

Are you on the hunt for a permanent heating system that will effectively and efficiently warm your home? Knowing the options available to you is great but it can only help so much if you don’t have a resource for heating installation in New City, NY.

Our team of professionals can assist with your heating installation from the process of choosing the system that is the best fit for your needs, to get it installed and properly sized.

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