Get Your Heat Pump Ready for the Switch

Get Your Heat Pump Ready for the Switch

Slowly but surely the weather around here seems to be getting a little bit less oppressive. You can almost get a hint that autumn is around the corner. It pays to take some time to do what you can for your heat pump during this time.

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What we mean is, make sure that your heat pump is ready for the switch from cooling to heating. Along with this, take some time to check to see if you need to schedule an air conditioning repair in Spring Valley, NY.


The Best Ways to Prepare Your Heat Pump

It might sound strange to think about “preparing” your heat pump for a switch between cooling mode and heating mode. It shouldn’t take much more than making sure that your thermostat is on the right setting and then adjusting the temperature where you want it to go, right? While this is true, there are a few things that you can do to ensure this switchover goes a little more smoothly for your heat pump this fall.

  1. Check and change out your filter: Your filter is responsible for capturing the dirt and debris that is in the air that it is meant to cool or heat. Over time, the filter will collect more than enough debris which will start to hinder the process that your heat pump goes through. If you have a reusable filter, follow its specific instructions to clean it off. If you have a disposable filter, get the same type from your local hardware store to replace it and then properly throw out the old one.
  2. Do a test run…when things cool down: We know the last thing you probably want to do right now is turn on your heating system. But this is going to be one of the best ways to figure out whether there is something hindering your heat pump. Wait for the temperatures to drop low enough so that you aren’t turning your home into a sauna, then switch your heat pump into heating mode and turn up the temperature by 5° or so. This will let you check for things like sounds, smells, and heating problems.
  3. Have a pro perform your yearly maintenance appointment. Last but not least, get that heating maintenance service scheduled! Having a professional come out to your home is going to be the best thing to help prepare your system for a switch between cooling and heating mode. This service can address a variety of problems like a stuck reversing valve, dirty evaporator coil, or even just some loose bolts or screws.

Whether you are in need of repairs for your air conditioner or you need to make some adjustments for your heater, we can help. Our team has been serving this area since 1984 so we have the experience and the know-how to ensure that you stay comfortable in your home.

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