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Get Your Fireplace Ready for the Off Season


Fireplaces are an ideal atmospheric addition to your home, and with rainy spring nights, can be used to make a warm and cozy atmosphere late into the season. But with spring turning to summer here in Ramsey, NY, your fireplace likely won’t be used again until the fall. That makes this the best time to get your fireplace ready for the off-season with cleaning and maintenance. A trained chimney sweep can do the job admirably, and you can help that process with a few steps of your own.

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What You Can Do

Start by simply cleaning out all the ash in the fireplace and removing it safely. Make sure the ashes are cold before doing so. After that, clean your fireplace with soap and water, including the baffle (ceiling) and any screens or covers for the fireplace. If you have a metal stove-style fireplace, you might want to add some polish to the metal to help it look its best. After that, give your fireplace a thorough inspection, looking forr any obvious cracks or similar issues that you might want to deal with.

Professional Maintenance Helps

Basic cleaning is fine for homeowners to do themselves, but proper maintenance should be left to the professionals. Creosote can build up on the interior of your chimney, and if left uncleaned can present a hazard to your household. Damage to the masonry is a potential problem as well, while heat shields and other interior components can become cracked or damaged. A good maintenance session can spot those issues right away, and with the whole of summer before us, you have plenty of time to schedule a more formal repair session, if one is needed, at your leisure. That way, your fireplace will be ready to go this fall and you won’t have to spend the summer worrying.

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